Get affordable Indian Grocery in Chicago Area


If you are someone who is moving to Chicago or is already in Chicago, we might have something. We will be some Indian grocery items in Chicago if you want to enjoy some delicious Indian meals. like: Flour, Rice, Dals and Pulses, Sweets, and Minar Halal Meat and Grocery.

Minar Halal Meat and Grocery

Getting halal meat can be a little difficult in the Schaumburg area, but  halal meat and grocery is your one-stop-shop for everything halal. Now you can grab meat products like halal tandoori leg, fish, boneless chicken, goat paya, goat liver and more from Urstoresupply. The store also offers ready to cook halal items like malai chicken, chicken seekh kabab and chicken Kashmiri.

Dals and Pulses

To cook authentic Indian curry, you will need some good-quality pulses. Goya green peas, split peas, pink beans, urad split, and whole bean will help you make an amazing curry. Stock up on these and enjoy some deliciousness.


If you are craving some luscious rotis, attas from brands like Aashirvaad and Deep are a must for you. It is super affordable and will provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals as well.


Rice is the most consumed grocery item in India. People seem to prefer rice over everything. If you are a rice lover too, you will find various options to choose from. Some are Canilla extra-long grain rice, Goya brown rice, Goya vanilla rice, and more. This is perfect for cooking a home-cooked biryani.


Authentic spices are the life of Indian food. These are the elements that bring Indian cuisine to life by adding a nice flavor to it. Stacking up on Indian spices is a must if you want to hog on some Indian meals. Stock up on bay leaves, mint leaves, thyme leaves, parsley flakes, linden leaves, pepper seasoning, cilantro flakes, and more.

Urstoresupply offers Indian grocery delivery Schaumburg area and in various other cities of the USA to make Indian grocery shopping a convenient experience for you.

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